ACTON, Ont. -Some people might think that Cadets is strict and all about marching, but to the Cadets of 197 Typhoon Squadron, many experiences have occurred that the Cadets will remember for the rest of their lives. One of these being Operation Lincoln, a once in a lifetime trip to Washington D.C during March Break of 2019.

On March 10th, the Cadets arrived in Washington after a long, but rewarding bus ride. They got settled in and ate dinner at the Falls Church Clarion Inn, which would be their home for the next five days. After, they went to their rooms and fell asleep.  Sleep would be essential to enjoy the amazing activities that were planned over the next week.

Some highlights of the trip were visiting the Washington Monuments, War Memorials, Arlington Cemetery, Goddard Space Center, and the Smithsonian Center. The Cadets were able to pay their respects at the War Memorials and Arlington Cemetery by attending a ceremony for the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. Also, while visiting the Smithsonian Center, they were able to take photos and bond together, while discovering what the museums had to offer. While they were at Goddard Space Center the Cadets took part in a guided tour. This introduced them to aerospace and aviation by learning about different satellites and how to test them.

Another pleasurable experience that the Cadets encountered was the Air and Space Museum. They were able to see airplanes that they had never before seen in real life. For example, a plane named the Blackbird, which can travel up to 3,529 km/h! Along with seeing the Blackbird, they also saw many different planes from the past and the present, including the Wright Flyer. Also, they had the chance to observe the space shuttle Discovery, which has flown a total of 39 missions in space.

Aside from the guided tours and museum visits, there were also some action-packed recreational activities. One of these being an NBA game where the Wizards beat the Orlando Magic 100-90. During the game, the Cadets made it onto the Jumbotron and won a couple of free pizzas. Bowling was another event where the Cadets could sit back and see their Officers in a much more relaxed setting. This was an amazing opportunity to create friendships among the Cadets and Officers.

Overall, Operation Lincoln was an experience that the Cadets will keep fresh in their minds forever. They had opportunities that they would not have had if they were not involved with Cadets. While some children stayed at home over the March break playing video games, 197 Typhoon Squadron made lasting memories thanks to the Officers, parents, and the staff who put in many hours of planning such a wonderful trip.

197 Squadron would also like to thank Branch 197 Royal Canadian Legion for their continued support and generosity toward 197 Squadron and this trip.

By: Flight Corporal Jackson Vallance – Submitted Photos