Youths, ages 12 to 18, will gain invaluable benefits upon joining

  • Friendship – You will meet and make friends with Cadets from all over Canada.

  • Leadership – Learn what it is to be an good and effective Leader.

  • Speaking – Our Effective Speaking Team teaches Cadets to give speeches in front of others.

  • Teaching – As our cadets advance they teach the newer cadets with the knowledge they have gained.

  • Community Service Hours – Get all the hours you need to graduate High School.

  • Marksmanship – We have an Air Rifle Marksmanship Team for those who wish to participate.

  • Orienteering – We have an Orienteering team too. Learn to read maps and run a course, see who is the fastest.

  • Fitness – Our squadron does Fitness training at least once a month.

  • Summer Training – Go on courses from 2 to 7 weeks long during the summer, and get paid to learn.

  • High School Course Credits – It is possible to obtain credits toward your diploma.

  • And so much more…

Interested in flying?

At Air Cadets you will be given the opportunity to go flying in a Glider.  At 197 Air Cadets in Acton, Ontario we try to get our cadets up flying at least once per year (weather permitting).

Air Cadets also have a chance to earn one or both of a Glider Pilot License, or a Private Pilot License through our Scholarship Programs. Both of these licenses are issues by Transport Canada and are the same courses any civilian can take.

Interested in aviation?

Air Cadets is not just for youths who want to be Pilots.  Air Cadets will learn about and experience all aspects of Aviation, from being a Pilot to how planes work, to jobs and infrastructure used across the entire field of aviation: Air Traffic Control, Ground Crew, Aircraft Maintenance and so much more.

Is there a cost?

197 Air Cadets in Acton, Ontario does not charge any fees for youth to become members of our squadron.  We do participate in fundraising events to offset the costs involved and we ask our cadets to be involved in that fundraising to the best of their abilities.

But no youth, under any circumstances will ever be turned away due to financial reasons. All our cadets are given equal opportunities and where their cadet career takes them is based on merit and the effort they put in.

Come and meet us in person

Even if you are unsure about joining cadets, come out to watch or give us a try for a few weeks.

  • We meet every Tuesday evening from 6:30 pm until 9:15 pm during the “Air Cadet Year”, running from September through until mid June.
  • We are located at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 197 at 15 Wright Ave. Acton, Ontario.
  • Youths may join the Air Cadets program at any time during the “Air Cadet Year” and are encouraged to do so after turning 12.
  • Air Cadets remain in the program until the last day of your 18th year of age at which time you will “age-out” of cadets.
  • Once you are 19+ you may wish join our squadron as a volunteer. The officers and staff of the squadron and our SSC (Squadron Sponsoring Committee) are all volunteers, including parents of current and past air cadets.

Recruiting Nights

  • Around the end of August or the beginning of September we will have official “Recruiting Nights” where you may stop by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 197 and meet our officers and some of our current cadets.
  • Ask all the questions you wish and see a presentation on what Air Cadets is all about.
  • These Recruiting Nights are perfect for those youths who are not yet 12, as well as, those 12 and older who are interested in learning more about our cadet program / flying / aviation / aerospace and any other aspect of Air Cadets

Air Cadets

“The purposes of the League are to advance the education of the Air Cadets and to promote an interest in the air element of the Canadian Forces.  Young Canadians aged 12 to 18 can participate in a variety of fun, challenging and rewarding activities and learn valuable life and work skills such as teamwork, leadership and citizenship.  Air Cadets are not members of the Canadian Forces. The movement is, however, sponsored by the Department of National Defence in partnership with the Air Cadet League of Canada.” Reference:

Air Cadets are not required to join the Canadian Forces.  While the Department of National Defence sponsors the Cadet program, supplies uniforms and equipment to the squadron, Air Cadets are in no way required to join the Canadian Forces unless they wish to. The Cadet program will expose and train our youth in a military manner, and we do require that cadets participate in events which honour our Military Veterans, such Remembrance Day ceremonies, visits with our Veterans and helping with our Poppy drive (which in turn helps our veterans with funding).