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Acton Cadet Flies Solo

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ACTON, ON. Acton resident WO2 Krishni Kulenthiran achieved a milestone in her Pilot career on July 9th by completing her first solo at Harv’s Air in Manitoba.

WO2 Kulenthiran is a member of 197 Typhoon Air Cadet squadron in Acton, and won a Power Pilot Scholarship this year to spend 7 weeks earning her pilot’s license. These scholarships are awarded through a competitive process and only awarded to the top cadets in the country.

“Your first solo is something you remember for the rest of your life. Congratulations to WO2 Kulenthiran, and best of luck in the rest of your training” said Captain Richard Dobbs, Commanding Officer of 197 Squadron.

WO2 Kulenthiran will continue training for the rest of the summer in order to earn her Private Pilot license, including passing a theory exam and a Transport Canada flight test.

“WO2 Kulenthiran is the latest of a long line of Flight Scholarship candidates from 197 Squadron, many of whom have moved on to work in the aviation industry” added Capt Dobbs

2019 Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

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2019 Annual Air Cadet Ceremony – 197 Air Cadets – Typhoon Squadron – Acton Ontario.

Our Annual Air Cadet Ceremony was a great day for our cadets and their parents.

CO Cpt Richard Dobbs had his cadets out for his first ACR as the squadrob CO and his cadets made him product.

The Mayor for Guelph/Eramosa the Honorable Chris White stepped up to the task of Reviewing Officer, visiting dignitaries included Wellington County’s MP Michael Chong, and the original CO and creator of 197 squadron and Air Cadet League Representative Cpt Kevin Smith (Ret’d). Former squadron warrant officer WO2 Madison Blackwood (Ret’d) was our Master of Ceremonies this year.

Presentations from the cadets included: Effective Speaking Demonstrations from FCpl Jackson Vallance and from WO1 Matthew Davey. A demonstration on precision drill was given by the drill team instructor FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran and our excellent drill team: WO1 Matthew Davey, Cpl Nathaniel Dayman, Cpl Ashley Kolosvari, Sgt Kyle Kulenthiran, Sqt Erika Labonte, Cpl James Murray, WO2 Alexander Pumphrey, FCpl Cameron Toth, FCpl Jackson Vallance & LAC William Wood.

The cadets created some displays for everyone to view, so that they can better understand many of the concepts that the cadets work on during the year. Displays of: Orienteering, Aerodrome, Marksmanship, Flight Scholarship and the new Social Media presence for 197.

The awards this year were:

Best First Year Cadet Award: LAC William Wood

Best Dressed Cadet Award: WO2 Alexander Pumphrey

Top Lottery Sales: Cadet Zachary Bennett

Initiative Award: FCpl Colin Hunter

Top Instructor Award: (Tied) WO1 Matthew Davey & WO2 Alexander Pumphrey

Enthusiasm Award: FCpl Jackson Vallance

Best Junior NCO award: Sqt Erika Labonte

Leadership Award: WO1 Matthew Davey

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence: WO1 Matthew Davey

Lord Strathcona Medal awarded to: FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran

Air Cadet of the Year Award: FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran

197 Cadets retiring this year:

WO1 Matthew Davey, Sgt Jamie Barton, FCpl Austin Daleman and FSgt Cameron Maclean

As special thank you to our cadets who worked very hard to make this a terrific ACR and our Squadron Staff and Squadron Sponsoring Committee for all of their hard work to put this ACR together, the visiting Dignitaries  and parents and family for your support to both the cadets and the squadron. Cadets, enjoy your summer off or your summer training camp if you obtained a placement and we’ll see you all back at HQ in September.

A few videos (Courtesy Mr. LaBonte)

35th Annual Ceremonial Review – This Sunday June 9th

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This Sunday June 9th, 2019 marks the 35th occurrence of the 197 Squadron’s Annual Review Ceremony.

This is a special occasion for our Cadets, as they will showcase some of the talents they have have worked very hard on all year. Demonstrations from our Effective Speaking team will be followed by our Drill Team an Awards presentation and a few speeches by special guests and staff.

The event marks the un-official end of the Cadet year, a review of all of our cadets will be conducted by this year’s Reviewing Officer: The Honorable Chris White, Mayor of Guelph Eramosa. Also in attendance will be a special guest: Air Cadet League Representative Capt. Kevin Smith (Ret’d) who is the Squadron Director for the Air Cadet League of Canada (OPC).

Friends and family of our cadets, we hope you attend to show your support for your cadet and the effort they have put in this year. All of our cadets have worked very hard to make this event a special one.

See you there, and congratulations to all of our 197 Cadets, may your annual review be a fantastic and memorable one.

A Thoughtful and Kind Donation

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The Cadets and Staff of 197 Acton Air Cadets Typhoon Squadron, wish to send a very special “Thank You” to Mrs Yvonne Armstrong who at her passing left a generous donation to our Squadron. We also wish to pass on our condolences to her family and friends.

Mrs Armstrong’s first husband Frank Langley who passed in 1984 was a crew member on a Lancaster and they lived together in Acton before his passing. She was very active with volunteering and were told had a special place in her heart for the Acton Air Cadets. Mrs Armstrong later remarried Bruce Armstrong and is survived by many family members.

Her obituary may be found at: http://www.lifenews.ca/announcement/9179869-armstrong-a-yvonne

Thank you for thinking of our Air Cadets, and helping to support the youth of Acton. May you find joy, peace and happiness in whatever adventure awaits.

2019 Spring FTX (Field Training Exercises)

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Each year our cadets take part in at least one FTX (Field Training eXercises) the 2019 Spring FTX was held on the weekend of May 25th at the Rockwood Conservation Area. Our FTX got off to a bit of a soggy start with some heavy rain at times, but a good time was had by all.

Highlights of the FTX were setting up a camp and tents following military standards, learning about and creating snares, orienteering (using map and compass to find specific places), learning survival techniques and how to build fires even without matches, and much more, along with spending time with friends and camping outdoors.

35th Annual Ceremonial Review – Response Required

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It is once again that time of year when we will be hosting our 35th Annual Ceremonial Review.

It will be on Sunday June 9th 2019 at the Royal Canadian Legion. Seating at 1:30pm and the ceremony will start at 2:00pm.

If you could please contact Carol Bee, Chair of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee by replying to the email she sent to all cadets/parents of cadets, or come and see Mrs Bee at Cadets on a Tuesday evening with how many people will be attending, and whether or not you are able to bring a dessert it would be appreciated. Please include your cadet’s name in your reply. Please reply no later than May 30 2019.

Thank You. Carol Bee. SSC.

Important Notice: All Level 3 and Level 4 Cadets – April 2019

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April is a busy month especially for our level 3s and 4s, both levels have Performance Checks (PC) coming up and remember in order to pass your level and in some cases be promoted you must pass these tests:

Level 3

  • PC303 – All level 3’s
    Leadership (assignments) – You will have meetings with your assessors over the month to complete this process, remember to do your self-assessments. If you have questions speak to me Tuesday night. These must be completed and back to me NLT April 30th.
  • PC308 – All level 3’s
    Drill – You will be working with WO2 Pumphrey and FSgt Kulenthiran over the next couple of weeks to prepare for your PC on April 30th.
  • PC309 – Those Cadets that have not done it yet
    Instructional Techniques (Teaching) – Blackbird/Blackwood/Toth/Weil please be prepared to teach on April 16th.
  • PC 390 – All Level 3’s
    Air Crew Survival – We will do this one on the FTX May 25-26th

Level 4

  • PC403 – All Level 4’s
    Leadership (Appointments and Assignments) – You will meet with your assessors over the month to go over your 403 assessments and these will be handed in to me NLT May 7th.
  • PC408 – All Level 4’s
    Drill – I will be scheduling in time over the next few weeks to go over this Performance Check it seems that some parts were missed, I will advise all of you.
  • PC409 – Individual Cadets
    Instructional Techniques (Teaching) – Kolozsvari and Labonte you will have an opportunity to do your classes again on: April 16th.
  • PC 431/432/436/437 – All level 4’s
    Principles of Flight/Aero Engine Systems/Meteorology/Air Navigation – There will be a review night on April 16th and the PC will be written on April 30th.
  • PC 490 – All Level 4’s
    Air Crew Survival – We will do this one on our FTX May 25/26th.

Please mark these dates, prepare for the test and you must be at Cadets on these nights!

Good Luck to all our Cadets writing PC’s this month!!

Capt B Dobbs
Training Officer
197 Typhoon Squadron

Operation Lincoln was a Success!

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ACTON, Ont. -Some people might think that Cadets is strict and all about marching, but to the Cadets of 197 Typhoon Squadron, many experiences have occurred that the Cadets will remember for the rest of their lives. One of these being Operation Lincoln, a once in a lifetime trip to Washington D.C during March Break of 2019.

On March 10th, the Cadets arrived in Washington after a long, but rewarding bus ride. They got settled in and ate dinner at the Falls Church Clarion Inn, which would be their home for the next five days. After, they went to their rooms and fell asleep.  Sleep would be essential to enjoy the amazing activities that were planned over the next week.

Some highlights of the trip were visiting the Washington Monuments, War Memorials, Arlington Cemetery, Goddard Space Center, and the Smithsonian Center. The Cadets were able to pay their respects at the War Memorials and Arlington Cemetery by attending a ceremony for the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. Also, while visiting the Smithsonian Center, they were able to take photos and bond together, while discovering what the museums had to offer. While they were at Goddard Space Center the Cadets took part in a guided tour. This introduced them to aerospace and aviation by learning about different satellites and how to test them.

Another pleasurable experience that the Cadets encountered was the Air and Space Museum. They were able to see airplanes that they had never before seen in real life. For example, a plane named the Blackbird, which can travel up to 3,529 km/h! Along with seeing the Blackbird, they also saw many different planes from the past and the present, including the Wright Flyer. Also, they had the chance to observe the space shuttle Discovery, which has flown a total of 39 missions in space.

Aside from the guided tours and museum visits, there were also some action-packed recreational activities. One of these being an NBA game where the Wizards beat the Orlando Magic 100-90. During the game, the Cadets made it onto the Jumbotron and won a couple of free pizzas. Bowling was another event where the Cadets could sit back and see their Officers in a much more relaxed setting. This was an amazing opportunity to create friendships among the Cadets and Officers.

Overall, Operation Lincoln was an experience that the Cadets will keep fresh in their minds forever. They had opportunities that they would not have had if they were not involved with Cadets. While some children stayed at home over the March break playing video games, 197 Typhoon Squadron made lasting memories thanks to the Officers, parents, and the staff who put in many hours of planning such a wonderful trip.

197 Squadron would also like to thank Branch 197 Royal Canadian Legion for their continued support and generosity toward 197 Squadron and this trip.

By: Flight Corporal Jackson Vallance – Submitted Photos

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