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Subscribe to the 197 Air Cadet Calendar

2020-01-25T09:47:51-05:00January 21st, 2020|News|

To all Parents and Cadets. The 197 Air Cadet calendar is now available via subscription. The calendar contains events for the entire cadet year (Aug/Sep thru June) and will let you know what is happening and when.

Go the our site: and select Calendar from the menu. You will find a new button at the top right of the page that will lead you to instructions on subscribing or downloading the 197 Air Cadet calendar, which you can use to add our calendar into your favourite calendaring app (Outlook/Google Calendar etc). Get our calendar on your phone, tablet and other devices. By subscribing to our calendar you will also receive changes to the calendar as they occur.

If you wish to subscribe to a calendar but are unsure how to go about it, please visit C.V. Davey on a Tuesday cadet meeting night and he will gladly help you.

Fall FTX – Oct 5th & 6th – Forms and Info

2020-01-29T21:23:41-05:00September 26th, 2019|FTX, News|

All 197 Cadets,

Our Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise) is Oct 5th and 6th at Rockwood Conservation Area. This is a Mandatory event for all cadets.

You will need to be at the gate to Rockwood Conservation no later than 08:30 (8:30am) Saturday morning. Our FTX goes overnight and cadets will be at the main gate at 16:00 hrs (4:00pm) on Sunday for pickup by their parents.

An advance party of cadets will arrive Friday Oct 4th in the evening to help setup, a separate warning order will be issued to those cadets in the advance party.

Please download and read the following forms, and have your signed consent form with you for our next Tuesday evenings’ training: Tuesday October 1st. Review the kit list, you must bring all the items on the list.

Download Documents:

Map to Rockwood Conservation:

2019 Air Cadet – Recruiting Night and Open House

2020-01-29T21:25:18-05:00August 26th, 2019|News|

Free to join and open to all young men and women ages 12 to 18 (Canadian Citizens and Landed Immigrants)

Come and see what Air Cadets is all about. Meet our staff and cadets and see if Air Cadets is right for you. This is an excellent opportunity for Canadian youth to join an organization which prides itself on excellence and which is committed to bringing out the best in our young men and women.

Learn to fly, go gliding, learn about aviation, meet new friends, go camping, fly model rockets, build up your confidence, learn to speak in front of others, learn how to be a leader. compete against other squadrons… the list goes on and on, you will experience a wide variety of interesting and fun things as a member of the cadets.

197 Air Cadets serves Acton, Rockwood and the surrounding area. General meetings are Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 9:15pm.

2019-2020 Air Cadet Training Year – Initial Schedule

2020-01-29T21:26:41-05:00August 26th, 2019|News|

Welcome Cadets to our 2019-2020 Training year. Here is a initial calendar which provides detail from the end of August to early October. Please review it. You will find some more detail on each event in the calendar on the 197 Air Cadet website.

Aug 27 – Staff Meeting

Sept 3 – First Training Night / Returning Cadet Night
The first training night of the 2019-2020 Air Cadet training schedule. This will include the “Returning Cadet Night” for reviewing and filling in the cadet paperwork for the new training year.

Sept 5 – Flight Scholarship Starts

Sept 7/8 – Senior Development Weekend – Level 4 and Level 5’s. – Georgetown Armouries
Joint squadron development weekend with 242 and 756 Squadrons.

Sept 8 – Sunnybrook Hospital Visit with the Veterans

Sept 10 – Recruiting Night – Open House

Sept 21 – Orienteering Day – Mandatory

Sep 29 – Orienteering Competition – Albion Hills

Sep 29 – Gliding Mandatory

Oct 4 – Fall FTX – Advance Party
Oct 5/6 – Fall FTX – Mandatory

Acton Cadet Flies Solo

2019-07-20T00:25:51-04:00July 20th, 2019|News|

ACTON, ON. Acton resident WO2 Krishni Kulenthiran achieved a milestone in her Pilot career on July 9th by completing her first solo at Harv’s Air in Manitoba.

WO2 Kulenthiran is a member of 197 Typhoon Air Cadet squadron in Acton, and won a Power Pilot Scholarship this year to spend 7 weeks earning her pilot’s license. These scholarships are awarded through a competitive process and only awarded to the top cadets in the country.

“Your first solo is something you remember for the rest of your life. Congratulations to WO2 Kulenthiran, and best of luck in the rest of your training” said Captain Richard Dobbs, Commanding Officer of 197 Squadron.

WO2 Kulenthiran will continue training for the rest of the summer in order to earn her Private Pilot license, including passing a theory exam and a Transport Canada flight test.

“WO2 Kulenthiran is the latest of a long line of Flight Scholarship candidates from 197 Squadron, many of whom have moved on to work in the aviation industry” added Capt Dobbs

2019 Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

2019-07-14T18:26:48-04:00June 9th, 2019|Annual, News, Uncategorized|

2019 Annual Air Cadet Ceremony – 197 Air Cadets – Typhoon Squadron – Acton Ontario.

Our Annual Air Cadet Ceremony was a great day for our cadets and their parents.

CO Cpt Richard Dobbs had his cadets out for his first ACR as the squadrob CO and his cadets made him product.

The Mayor for Guelph/Eramosa the Honorable Chris White stepped up to the task of Reviewing Officer, visiting dignitaries included Wellington County’s MP Michael Chong, and the original CO and creator of 197 squadron and Air Cadet League Representative Cpt Kevin Smith (Ret’d). Former squadron warrant officer WO2 Madison Blackwood (Ret’d) was our Master of Ceremonies this year.

Presentations from the cadets included: Effective Speaking Demonstrations from FCpl Jackson Vallance and from WO1 Matthew Davey. A demonstration on precision drill was given by the drill team instructor FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran and our excellent drill team: WO1 Matthew Davey, Cpl Nathaniel Dayman, Cpl Ashley Kolosvari, Sgt Kyle Kulenthiran, Sqt Erika Labonte, Cpl James Murray, WO2 Alexander Pumphrey, FCpl Cameron Toth, FCpl Jackson Vallance & LAC William Wood.

The cadets created some displays for everyone to view, so that they can better understand many of the concepts that the cadets work on during the year. Displays of: Orienteering, Aerodrome, Marksmanship, Flight Scholarship and the new Social Media presence for 197.

The awards this year were:

Best First Year Cadet Award: LAC William Wood

Best Dressed Cadet Award: WO2 Alexander Pumphrey

Top Lottery Sales: Cadet Zachary Bennett

Initiative Award: FCpl Colin Hunter

Top Instructor Award: (Tied) WO1 Matthew Davey & WO2 Alexander Pumphrey

Enthusiasm Award: FCpl Jackson Vallance

Best Junior NCO award: Sqt Erika Labonte

Leadership Award: WO1 Matthew Davey

Royal Canadian Legion Medal of Excellence: WO1 Matthew Davey

Lord Strathcona Medal awarded to: FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran

Air Cadet of the Year Award: FSgt Krishni Kulenthiran

197 Cadets retiring this year:

WO1 Matthew Davey, Sgt Jamie Barton, FCpl Austin Daleman and FSgt Cameron Maclean

As special thank you to our cadets who worked very hard to make this a terrific ACR and our Squadron Staff and Squadron Sponsoring Committee for all of their hard work to put this ACR together, the visiting Dignitaries  and parents and family for your support to both the cadets and the squadron. Cadets, enjoy your summer off or your summer training camp if you obtained a placement and we’ll see you all back at HQ in September.

A few videos (Courtesy Mr. LaBonte)

35th Annual Ceremonial Review – This Sunday June 9th

2019-06-04T19:05:23-04:00June 4th, 2019|Annual, News|

This Sunday June 9th, 2019 marks the 35th occurrence of the 197 Squadron’s Annual Review Ceremony.

This is a special occasion for our Cadets, as they will showcase some of the talents they have have worked very hard on all year. Demonstrations from our Effective Speaking team will be followed by our Drill Team an Awards presentation and a few speeches by special guests and staff.

The event marks the un-official end of the Cadet year, a review of all of our cadets will be conducted by this year’s Reviewing Officer: The Honorable Chris White, Mayor of Guelph Eramosa. Also in attendance will be a special guest: Air Cadet League Representative Capt. Kevin Smith (Ret’d) who is the Squadron Director for the Air Cadet League of Canada (OPC).

Friends and family of our cadets, we hope you attend to show your support for your cadet and the effort they have put in this year. All of our cadets have worked very hard to make this event a special one.

See you there, and congratulations to all of our 197 Cadets, may your annual review be a fantastic and memorable one.

A Thoughtful and Kind Donation

2019-07-03T19:57:14-04:00June 1st, 2019|News|

The Cadets and Staff of 197 Acton Air Cadets Typhoon Squadron, wish to send a very special “Thank You” to Mrs Yvonne Armstrong who at her passing left a generous donation to our Squadron. We also wish to pass on our condolences to her family and friends.

Mrs Armstrong’s first husband Frank Langley who passed in 1984 was a crew member on a Lancaster and they lived together in Acton before his passing. She was very active with volunteering and were told had a special place in her heart for the Acton Air Cadets. Mrs Armstrong later remarried Bruce Armstrong and is survived by many family members.

Her obituary may be found at:

Thank you for thinking of our Air Cadets, and helping to support the youth of Acton. May you find joy, peace and happiness in whatever adventure awaits.