Subscribe to the 197 Air Cadets Calendar.

The 197 Air Cadets Calendar is now available to all cadets and parents, staff and any other interested party.

You can subscribe to our calendar and automatically receive all scheduled events, and any changes to those events that occur during the Air Cadet year from within your favourite calendaring application. We publish the calendar around the beginning of the Air Cadet year (August/September) thru until the following June when the final activities of the year occur.

Our calendar is available in several forms; as a Subscription: a Google calendar, and ICS and ICAL formatted calendar or as a download via a simple ICS export or RSS/XML feed. The benefits of subscribing to the calendar versus simply downloading the calendar, is that a subscribed calendar will automatically update when events in our calendar change. You will not be able to make changes to our events, but you will receive our changes automatically. Downloading a calendar is a one time occurrence, and no automatic updates to that calendar are possible.

To Subscribe:
If you have a Google account, then the simplest method is to subscribe to our Google Calendar, our Google Calendar ID is:, simply go to your Google Calendar, and add a Calendar named “Air Cadets” and put in our Google Calendar ID.

If your application needs a link (URL) instead, then for our calendar use:

If you are using Outlook or Thunderbird or similar email tools then you may add a ICS/ICAL Calendar Subscription.

The URL to add for an ICS/iCAL Calendar subscription is:

To Download:
Alternatively, if you do not wish to “subscribe” to our calendar, but you just wish to download the events and import them yourself, then if you go the Calendar Page on our web site, go to the Month View, ( you will find a “Export” button at the bottom of the page. Pressing this button will download an ICS calendar file of all the events for the Month you are currently viewing. There is no method to download all months at the same time, this export only allows you to download the events for the visible month. Note that using this method you will NOT receive any changes to the calendar that occur after you do the download. Subscribing to the calendar is the preferred method.

Finally the last method to obtain the Air Cadet calendar is to get an RSS Feed of our events, this is available at: this will give you an RSS+XML feed you can use in any RSS based application.

Please NOTE: While every effort is made to keep the Air Cadet calendar up-to-date, things do slip “thru the cracks” from time to time. Your cadet is notified weekly at the Tuesday night Air Cadet meetings of all events which will be occurring that week, the information given to the cadets is *Official* information, whereas this web site calendar is *Informational*.